Install High-efficiency Laundry Equipment

What Is It?

ENERGY STAR-labeled washing machines and dryers use less electricity and less water than conventional equipment without sacrificing performance. Because less water is used, about half as much detergent is required. 

One of the newest developments involves adding an ozone system to your laundry. The ozone gas is injected directly into the wash wheel where it dissolves in cold water, which opens up fibers and releases stains. Opening the fibers makes linens easier to dry and results in a decrease in drying time.


On average, ENERGY STAR-labeled washers reduce energy and water bills by using 50% less water and electricity, while ENERGY STAR dryers use 20% less energy. These savings translate into a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the energy strain that would’ve been put on the grid. Some ENERGY STAR washers also perform better than standard washers and are gentler on clothing.

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