Climate Resilience Toolkit

The Climate Resilience Toolkit was originally developed to accompany A Better City’s research paper on climate adaptation in buildings for the Boston Green Ribbon Commission to support the City of Boston’s Climate Action Plan. It is designed to give Sustainable Buildings Initiative participants, commercial building owners, and the public guidance on potential structural interventions for increasing the resilience of commercial buildings to climate change.

The Toolkit groups Tools into three categories (and several tools appear in more than one category):

  1. Stormwater Management
  2. Urban Heat Island
  3. Flooding and Sea Level Rise

Each Tool includes a description; quick facts like cost, applications and service life; benefits and drawbacks; potential regulatory touchpoints; financing options, incentives and rebates; news, resources, project examples, when available; and a few suggested vendors/providers.

Building adaptation is a rapidly evolving field. The Toolkit is a living document and will continue to be updated by A Better City.