Equipment Elevation and Anchoring

Anchor Fuel Tanks

What Is It?

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ln flooding events, fuel tanks can be swept up in flood waters. Outdoor fuel tanks can be driven into building walls or swept downstream, while indoor fuel tanks can tear free from flexible connections and contaminate basements with oil. Anchoring of fuel tanks to the ground or to concrete slabs will prevent them from moving during a flood. Indoor and outdoor oil tanks can be anchored to concrete slabs that have sufficient weight to resist flood waters. Horizontal propane and oil tanks  can be secured by attaching metal straps from ground anchors on opposite sides of the tank to the collar around the top of the tank. Rooms containing indoor fuel tanks can also be dry flood-proofed. For outdoor oil tanks, it is crucial to extend all filling and ventilation tubes above the 100-year flood level to ensure flood waters do not enter the tank.


  • Prevents damage and spills from fuel tank movement in flooding events