Climate Resilience Guidelines

The Climate Resilience Guidelines are a set of resources developed for commercial real estate property owners and managers considering resilience at a building level. The geographical focus is Boston, Massachusetts, but the best practices referenced throughout can be helpful for any organization planning for resilience. Also, the guidelines primarily apply to preparing existing buildings and their daily operations for climate change but can inform risk planning for new construction or major rehabilitation projects as well.

The guidelines consist of three parts:

Climate Resilience Template: The template provides a structure for resilience planning based on best practices and existing resources. The steps take you from creating an internal team through resilience strategy implementation.
Climate Resilience Workbook: The workbook is a compendium to the template, providing an excel format to work through each stage of a resilience plan based on data specific to your property.
Vendor List: As some properties do not have the resources to complete all stages of resiliency planning, a list of experienced professionals and the climate resiliency services they offer is also provided.